NFT Contest fee

NFT Contest fee

Register with Gmail account in the app for 100$ worth of downloads

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Entrance fee is for Contest below:

Theme: Save soil, Chaotic world, The eye of a storm, Save Earth focus, The Great reset or any current happenings around the world
Winner : 500usd
Use gocreationbox NFT maker, minimum use of gocreationbox images is 3

Entrance fee 10usd with free download from gocreationbox 100usd worth.
Registered in Cbox through gmail

Importing other images outside gocreationbox
background story
Interacting between 2 characters or more. Interaction can be between people/beings/animal/alien/hybrid

Winner NFT will be on sale in, get promotion on tiktok, Instagram.

Thank you!

email us : gocreationbox@gmail.comĀ  or

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Please Note: For 100$ worth downloads and designs, this fee is non refundable. Contest started as we reach 100 participants.